Busy, busy, busy!

April 24, 2018

I have been so behind on posting anything to my site. I'm a REALLY busy person, but my life has been THAT much more busy! In addition to working a 40-hour-a-week job, I typically teach only 6 classes per week but with subbing and launch in April, I have been teaching anywhere from 10-11 classes per week, and on top of that, I still do my best to do strength training, as most of my classes are HIIT or cardio-based. I like to keep a balance and I hate losing muscle so I do everything in my power to keep it!


A typical day for me has been looking like: 


6:00 am: Wake up

7:15 am: Workout (Strength-based, or practice to sharpen my teaching skills)

8:30 am: Take Cadence to school

9:10 am: Get to work

5:00 pm: Get off of work

5:15 pm (Mon & Wed): Teach fitness class to employees; other days I stay at work until 6 pm

7:00 pm : Get home after picking up Cadence and picking something up to eat for her

7:45 pm: Teaching class Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights

9:15 pm: Finally get home if I don't have to run by the store afterward

11:50 am: Finally in bed


Needless to say, I've been tired. My diet has not been on point, and I barely get to see my daughter. She's 12 and she's understanding but I know I need more quality time with her. Weekends don't even slow down. I do my best to make time for family and friends, and I even had a boyfriend for a few weeks, but life is simply too busy for that right now. I'm sure the right person will eventually come along. It takes a very understanding person to be with someone like me. I'm overly ambitious and I'll always be that way.


Now with all that said, I am not complaining. Yes, I'm tired and I wish I had more time to sleep. But the way I look at it, is at least I have people in my life. I may be stressed, but aside from my full-time job, I am doing what I am passionate about, and what I love. I tried to stray away from health and fitness but it comes back to me no matter where I go. I know that without a doubt, that it is my life purpose and it gives me so much satisfaction to push people, help them become stronger, healthier, and fitter, and to motivate them. I remember what it's like to have been unmotivated, lazy, overweight, and inactive. I'll do anything I can for people who want help, but sometimes I stretch myself too thin doing so. 


It is my GOAL to make fitness my job full-time. As a single mom, I have to have the job I have because the 9-5 schedule is the only thing I can do as a mother right now. I am the only person I can depend on. But it is my intention to change that, get away from the 9-5, and do what I'm meant to do.


I'm going to do my best to post more workouts to this site... that was my intention.. to help those I cannot reach, or who cannot make it to my classes. Though I'm still growing in my own knowledge of health and fitness practices (we never stop learning), I have so much to offer those who may be just starting, or who are willing to learn something new. I love sharing, but I also love learning. 


Peace to all of you reading this, and thank you for stopping by to check out my site, while I'm not doing much to promote it quite yet. I will once I get my s*** together! I promise! I'm currently working on a weekly weight room workout plan for women that is very effective. I like to post my workouts in a clean format so all I need to do is make it look pretty and I'll post. Look out for it soon!


April S







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