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Hey, I'm April.

I am currently a certified group fitness instructor, Les Mills fitness instructor (see the classes I teach under "Specialties), and a former NPC Figure Bodybuilding competitor who enjoys living a healthy lifestyle. I have been an instructor for 10 years and personally specialize in weight loss and strength and endurance training for women but have experience with training all types of individuals. 

My Story

My health and fitness journey began in 2003. I moved off to college for a semester with my then boyfriend, but things didn't work out so I moved back home. That semester I gained about 50 lbs. and ballooned up to about 220 lbs. Between going through a breakup and gaining weight, I hated the way my life was going and knew something needed to change. I began working out with the very first P90 video (from Beachbody). It was a gift I asked for for my 21st birthday. I made the choice then to change my lifestyle completely. I began jogging outdoors and doing strength training with light dumbbells and resistance bands. With the help of a friend, I eventually moved onto lifting heavier weights in the gym. I researched every magazine or book I could find (the internet was not as informative then) to understand how to eat properly and improve my workouts. Through trial and error I learned how to lose weight and succeeded, however, it wasn't always easy for me. My weight loss became an obsession and this obsession eventually lead to an ugly eating disorder. Bulimia, Anorexia, you name it - I experienced it. I asked for help and was hospitalized for 10 days in an institution to help me. Though I didn't recover immediately and fully, I eventually took steps to healing myself and got through it all through time. You can visit my BODYSPACE profile HERE to see my journey in pictures and the fluctuations I've gone through in the past 15 years.

I ultimately decided I wanted to begin helping others with their health and fitness journey and to help them avoid the pitfalls I experienced. After years of contemplation, in 2008 I made the choice to become a fitness instructor, and in 2013 I became a personal trainer. I was a personal trainer for exactly three years until 2016 when I went through another major life change: my then fiance and I broke up. Though I would've loved to have stayed a personal trainer I became a single mother again and had to go back into the corporate world. Currently I'm in the administrative side of healthcare, but continue to teach my fitness classes. I squeeze my lifts during the early mornings, work all day, manage to teach corporate fitness classes to my fellow employees right after work twice a week, and teach classes elsewhere nights and weekends. I have a beautiful 12-year-old girl named Cadence and my other passion is piano. You can check out my piano channel on YOUTUBE.

I'm always up to help you! Please feel free to contact me if you need help reaching your fitness goals. You can reach me via any of my social media accounts or by hitting the contact button above. I hope my site helps you!

Thanks for reading!

Classes & Formats Taught

Les Mills Body Attack

Les Mills Body Pump

Les Mills Body Step

Les Mills GRIT

HIIT Training

Circuit Training

One-on-One Training


Special Populations

Low Impact Training

You can check out my group exercise schedule here.

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