• April

First Blog Post

Expect lots of free workouts, health tips, and resources for my fellow fitness instructors!

I can't explain how excited I am to finally be starting my blog! I've had a website for years, but never really added any content to it. I always made the excuse that I had no time. To be quite honest, I AM incredibly busy, but it's like anything else. For the most important things, we MAKE time.

Why am I doing this?

Well no matter what I do, everything leads me back to the fitness industry. If I am not looking for it, it finds me. I'm asked for tips or advice (which I NEVER mind giving), or I ask if I can train someone or if I can teach classes somewhere. I truly feel like it's my calling and I truly am always willing to help!

The workouts....

I've taught freestyle HIIT/circuit classes for years and I've come up with SEVERAL workouts that I just want to share. HIIT training is so popular because it's EFFECTIVE! It's a quick way to get in a full body workout. As soon as I started teaching it, I saw results. My endurance increased dramatically, and I lost 10-15 lbs, while keeping my diet the same (which is generally heatlhy). I also want to share health and diet tips that I've learned or come across in the past, and even music to help fuel your workouts.

If I can help motivate or inspire even a FEW people, I will feel like I've succeeded with this site.

I hope this benefits you all. Please know you can always contact me if needed! I'm always willing to help!


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