​Seconds Pro is the BEST!!! I cannot say enough good things about this app! I have used this for my HIIT and circuit-style classes for years. Are you the type of instructor to jot down notes and continually have to look at them while teaching? If so, this app will be a lifesaver for you! Type the exercises and interval times in and all you have to do is glance over at your screen. I personally use the app on my iPad while teaching.


You can type in the names of your exercises, set the time of the intervals, color code your exercises, split your exercises into rounds, and so much more!

Why does this work so well for classes?

Well, we know that the fitness levels of the participants in our classes vary so during HIIT or circuit-style classes, asking our class to do a certain number of reps doesn't work so well if not choreographed. Some participants will move fast, some will move slow. Give your class a certain amount of time to do an exercise instead and the class flows so much better. 

And not only is this app great for your classes... it can be an effective tool for your own workouts. The app is available for all Apple products, including the Apple watch. I personally used the interval timer for Tabatas in the weight room.

Unfortunately the app is only currently available for Apple products and runs at $4.99 but you can get a trial version for free. You can read more about Seconds Pro here.

Have any questions or feedback about Seconds Pro? Comment below!

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