32 MIX

One of my fave mixes

32 Mix has become my favorite site for music as of late. What I love about these mixes is that the music is by original artists, the volume stays consistent throughout, and the beats stay on the 8-count. Additionally, there are mixes based on class style and genre.


What I've noticed with mixes elsewhere is that sometimes the beat will get off the 8-count which disrupts my rhythm at times with more choreographed sections of my class. Additionally, the volume fluctuates. So say I'm doing a really tough cardio section and want the beats to stay heavy... there have been times that I've used other mixes and I'm in middle of a 5-minute round of cardio and the volume lowers. Ahhh, that frustrates me! If you're a fitness instructor, you totally get me. We need the beats to stay on because it affects our and our class's energy! This is what I love about 32 Mix.

While the mixes on the site aren't free, you can download each mix for $18. New music is added constantly. What you'll receive is a download link for the fully mixed version, or a download link for a zip file of the tracks separated. Each link can be downloaded three separate times.


If you prefer, you can create a custom mix for around $34. You can check out 32 Mix here.  

Have any questions or feedback about 32 mix? Comment below!

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